Diagnostics of Karma, Book 1 (Englisch)
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Diagnostics of Karma, Book 1 (Englisch)

ISBN: 978-3-941622-80-7
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Why is one person healthy, prosperous, and lucky, while another is unfortunate, poor and sick? Why is one spoiled by fate, while another's life plays out like a string of misfortunes? What is the secret of health, happiness, and a long life? What can be done if doctors consider a disease to be incurable? How does one give birth to healthy children? And is it possible to change the character of one's children, their destiny and health, for the better? This book explores these questions as well as many others. S.N. Lazarev, the well-known Russian healer and parapsychologist, has dedicated his life to extensive and detailed research on the subject of the human soul. As result, he has been able not only to see the invisible reactions of cause and effect linking a person's character, health, and destiny with his perception of the world, but also to create a unique system which unites all of the parameters of human life into one comprehensive picture. This system enables a person to cure ailments of both body and destiny, by learning how to properly care for his own soul. The books of S.N. Lazarev have been greeted with tremendous interest in Russia, as well as many counties in eastern and central Europe. More than twelve million copies have been sold in Russia alone. Now finally these books are available in English!

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